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ATSKO Permanent Water-Guard


ATSKO Permanent Water-Guard

$14.95 $19.99

Permanent Water-Guard is a solvent free, water-based fluorocarbon polymer water and stain repellent. It dries odor free and without U-V brighteners.

Heat required to activate.

Guaranteed to remain effective even after 25 washings in Sport-Wash or Sensi-Clean. This is an extraordinary claim no other product is willing to make -- not even factory-applied Durable Water Repellents.

This Permanent Water-Guard is the 10 oz. Aerosol that is engineered for synthetic materials and blends like polyester, Microfibers, Nylon, Gore-Tex , Waterproof Breathables, Laminated or Coated, Fleece, Polypropylene, Blends, and Imitation Leather.

If used on absorbent materials a second treatment may be required for natural absorbent materials like Cotton, Wool, Down, Canvas, Suede and blends that contain Cotton.

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