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DeWalt Rip Claw Steel Hammer


DeWalt Rip Claw Steel Hammer


This 20 oz. rip claw steel hammer offers a balanced design which allows for a balanced swing, steady, smooth swing and can be used to remove nails.

It includes a multi-use side nail puller which allows you to quickly and easily remove framing and finishing nails as well as staples. Hammer which packs the versatility needed to pry, split, and demolish various materials. Depend on this hard-wearing tool for long-lasting performance with its one-piece steel construction and a built-in magnetic nail start for one-handed nail placement.

With decades of testing under our belt, we offer a tear resistant and anti-slip grip. Use this hammer for your next framing or finishing job, no matter the jobsite condition. 

  • Balanced design allows for a smooth swing
  • Anti-slip, 5X more durable grip
  • Shield shaped strike face ensures easy toe-nailing
  • Durable, 1-piece steel construction and thick heat-treated steel shaft
  • Tri-pull technology for versatility to remove finish and framing nails as well as staples
  • Magnetic nail starter for 1 handed nail placement
  • Smooth face designed for finish work

              Additional Features

              • BUILT FOR LONG LIFE: Durable, one-piece steel construction with thick, heat-treated steel shaft
              • TRI-PULL TECHNOLOGY FOR VERSATILITY: Remove finish nails, framing nails, and staples
              • ONE-HANDED NAIL PLACEMENT with magnetic nail starter


                • Framer
                • Finisher
                • General Contractor

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