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FOOTPRINT Electricians Guarded Brick Bolster / Chasing Chisel


FOOTPRINT Electricians Guarded Brick Bolster / Chasing Chisel


The Footprint Electricians Bolster is a multi purpose tool that is tough enough to be a Chasing Chisel, Brick Bolster and Flooring Chisel* all in one.

Like our brick bolsters there are 14 stages to manufacture the Footprint Electricians Bolsters from a bar of high carbon steel into the finished product.

  • Made in Sheffield, Britain
  • Drop Hammer Forged from head to blade for superior strength
  • Hardened and tempered blade for a long cutting life
  • Domed head to delay the onset of mushrooming / splintering after repeated use as well as prevent the optional hand guard from sliding up and off the handle after repeated blows
  • Tapered neck to prevent snapping at the weakest point on the Bolster
  • Optional high quality EVA plastic hand guard to protect the hand from glanced blows

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