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GAURDIAN HitchClip™ 3 Pack Anchor System


GAURDIAN HitchClip™ 3 Pack Anchor System

$59.95 $79.99

The HitchClip™ is the most revolutionary residential fall protection roof anchor ever made. Made from lightweight and durable powder-coated aluminum, the HitchClip™ is easy to install, and functions as a permanent rooftop anchor.

Thanks to its patented "key-hole" design, the HitchClip™ can be used in combination with a large variety of accessories, allowing it to be used to set up guardrail systems, staging areas, and more.


  • Patented "key-hole" design
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Does not require flashing
  • Multiple accessory options
  • Capacity range (including all equipment): 130 - 420 lbs.
  • 5,000 lb breaking strength
Minimum substrate thickness requirements:
  • Wood: 1/2” CDX plywood sheathing and 3“ support beam.
  • Metal: HitchClip® may be installed onto metal substrates, providing there is a sufficient framing member beneath, as determined by a Competent Person.
  • Compatible pitch range: flat - vertical/sheer.

Recommended fasteners (Not included. Use either screws OR nails):
  • 6Pcs X 2½” Grip-Rite exterior screws, or equivalent, as determined by Competent Person.
  • 6Pcs X 16d galvanized framing nails.

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