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Honeywell MILLER® H700 Full Body Harness


Honeywell MILLER® H700 Full Body Harness

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As a global leader in fall protection, our legacy informs our future. We’ve learned that poorly designed fall protection PPE makes it difficult to keep you and your work safe, compliant, and efficient. To addres this, we’ve developed the new Honeywell Miller® H700 Full Body Harness, utilizing ergonomic scientific findings to improve safety and comfort.

Evidence Driven Features & Benefits

Innovated to Help Protect Lives

  • ONE-PULL TRAUMA RELIEF STEP for suspension trauma relief
We’ve radically simplified what is usually a complicated 4-step process. By integrating a patented release mechanism for quick deployment of our two high-performance One-Pull Trauma Relief Steps (one for each foot), the suspended person conveniently stands up in the Miller H700 harness. The pressure being applied to the arteries and veins around the top of the legs is quickly relieved, avoiding the risk of serious injury or death. See user instructions.

Designed for Ergonomic Safety
  • CONFIGURABLE LEG STRAP DESIGN for customizable comfort
The new Pivot Strap Adjuster offers worker mobility and comfort, allowing workers to adjust the shape of their leg straps, depending on the action that needs to be performed (crouching, bending, crawling, etc.) It also allows for adjustment of the back webbing, for a more customized comfort fit.
The convenient Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) integrated connector allows for easy attachment of personal single/twin SRLs and carbineers.
Tool tether anchors and lanyard keepers are also positioned in several convenient locations, including front and waist.

Engineered with Innovative Materials

Innovative, multi-layered padding has been designed for enhanced breathability and venting, keeping workers drier and cooler by combining airflow channel breathability, moisture dispersion technology, and 3D knitted fabric. The shoulder back padding has also been designed to protect workers from their robust twin personal SRLs. Workers can also remove the shoulder back padding for cleaning purposes.

  • Webbing Type: premium water repelent
  • Shoulder Padding: yes
  • Suspension Loops: yes
  • Leg Strap Buckle Type: Tongue buckle
  • Harness Size: XS- S/M- UNIV- XXL- 3/4XL
  • Attachment Point Type: D-ring
  • Webbing Material: Polyester
  • Shoulder Strap Buckle Material: Anodized aluminum
  • RFID: no
  • D-Ring Locations: Back; Front; Side
  • Chest Strap Buckle Material: Anodized aluminum
  • Standards: OSHA 1926.502- ANSI Z359.11 – 2021
  • Rescue Loops: yes
  • Belt Buckle Type: grommet
  • Water Permeability: yes
  • Belt Buckle Material: Brass Plating
  • Product Family: Miller H700 Full Body Harness Comfort
  • Padding Material: Polyester/Polyurethane
  • Webbing Color: Dark grey
  • Padding Location: Shoulder/back; Lumbar
  • D-Ring Material: Anodized aluminum
  • Leg Strap Buckle Material: Anodized aluminum
  • Number of D-Rings: 4
  • Chest Strap Buckle Type: Quick-Connect QC
  • Lanyard Rings: yes
  • Harness Style: Vest style
  • Sub-Pelvic Strap: yes
  • Shoulder Strap Buckle Type: Cam buckle
  • Belt Material: Polyester
  • Belt Type: removable
  • Shoulder Strap Buckle Breaking Strength: 4000US Pound BRP
  • Leg Strap Buckle Breaking Strength:
    4000US Pound BRP
    4000 US pound BRP
  • Chest Strap Buckle Breaking Strength:
    4000US Pound BRP
    4000 US pound BRP
  • Maximum Weight Capacity:
    420US Pound BRP
    420 US pound BRP
  • Product Weight:
    8.22 - 8.88US Pound BRP
    8.22 - 8.88 US pound BRP
  • Webbing Breaking Strength:
    5000US Pound BRP
    5000 US pound BRP
  • Belt Buckle Breaking Strength:
    4000US Pound BRP
    4000 US pound BRP
  • Product Type:

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