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JB GoodHue Insoles 40010

JB GoodHue

JB GoodHue Insoles 40010

$19.95 $25.99

JB Goodhue Industrial grade insoles are built with biomechanical features to prevent joint strain and pain in the toughest working conditions. Built to provide maximum resilience in high-impact situations, they are breathable, moisture wicking and anti-microbial. 

  • Advanced Memory Comfort. A technically advanced combination of specialized foam materials are utilized in key stress areas to deliver superior contour comfort.
  • Heal and Arch Stabilizer. An innovative technical development in design which improves stability while protecting the arch.
  • High-Impact Protection. Specially designed to reduce and control impact on the foot through the use of an active cushioning system.
  • Climate Control. Advanced perforation design allows feet to breathe and keep cool by increasing air flow with every step.
  • Anti-Bacterial and odor resistant. Built-in anti bacterial and odor resistant materials help prevent microbe growth.

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