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PRIMEGRIP 16oz Solid Steel Shingling Hatchet 04-456


PRIMEGRIP 16oz Solid Steel Shingling Hatchet 04-456


The Primegrip line of shingling hatchets is famed for its solid and durable construction, lightweight and ergonomic handle design and range of available sizes. The professional quality high carbon steel heads with hardened faces strike hard and true, and the premium hickory handles with their lacquered finishes are a beauty to behold.

  • Single Piece Construction Drop-Forged From High Grade Carbon Steel
  • Precisely Heat Treated And Tempered For Maximum Strength
  • Finely Polished And Balanced
  • 16 Oz Head With Depth Gauge, Nail Notch And A Milled Face
  • Shock Absorbing Cushion Grip, Ergonomically Shaped For Comfortable Handling

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